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Retail Tuesday 20th September 2016

Soapbox - Giving Brands A Voice - Amsterdam 2016

Soapbox provides new, emerging and expanding retailers the opportunity to take to the stage, for 3-4 minutes, to showcase their brand and current/future property requirements.

Hop & Stork is the ultimate indulgence for lovers of coffee, chocolate, ice cream and pastries. We offer a feast for the senses. The sweet smell of chocolate from our open chocolate studio welcomes you as you enter our coffee lounge. Watch our gourmet chocolatiers crafting truffles and chocolate bars by hand. Our mission is to create a place where our guests can experience happiness when enjoying everything Hop & Stork has to offer. Our coffee lounge is the perfect place to meet and relax.

The two creators of the Hop & Stork concept were bankers in their former professional life and made a career switch to follow their passion and dream. Hop & Stork started with the first location in the city centre of The Hague in August 2014. Within two years, they had managed to open a second Hop &  in the city centre of Utrecht as from July 2016.

JAP locally together - Dealing with core values in commercial real estate in the future.

We want to work together to provide tailor-made solutions for the neighbourhood and district centres. Working with local entrepreneurs, residents, local services (extending from healthcare to public transport) and supporting the local government in their responsibility for the facilities that bind residents and the local community together with cultural institutions, owners and managers of shopping areas/malls and shopping centres.

Together we want to create nice places that are accessible to all, including residents, workers, entrepreneurs, owners and the local government.


Three students on their way to a bathing lake,one shared idea: everyone's favourite, all-organic muesli. Nine and a half years later, mymuesli is Europe's largest cereals producer and is still successfully growing omni-channel. Having started online, mymuesli today operates 52 mymuesli stores in four countries, is present in more than 4,000 retail outlets, and delivers freshly-mixed cereals to offices globally – all with the help of 900+ employees.


PINC Sale is the first quality Sample Sale of the Netherlands.

Founded 10 years ago, by entrepeneur Barbara Castelein. PINC Sale sells sample collections of a broad brand portfolio, all middle to high segmented fashion brands.

The samples are sold to a unique target audience: women in the age of 25 to 45, wearing small sizes and matching a higher wealth class.

All the sales venues and store locations are furnished with tasteful interiors to fit in the luxury umfeld of the brands.

This boutique style, suits both the visitors as well as the high standards of the fashion brands.


Street Feast wants to transform Europe’s food landscape, turning underused and derelict corners of our cities into vibrant street food markets. We create buzzing night markets in neglected spaces. From warehouses to former car parks, derelict yards and abandoned office blocks, every site is beautifully designed and lit to reflect the community it serves and the architecture of the site it occupies.

In May 2015, London Union bought Street Feast. Over the next five years, Street Feast plans to open several new sites across the UK and has plans to expand into Europe. Our commercially-sustainable markets drive huge amounts of footfall, bring communities together and provide opportunities for new food entrepreneurs to establish themselves without requiring large amounts of capital.


Vascobelo is a Belgian coffee brand with presence in Antwerp, London, Amsterdam and Tokyo. We sell high-quality coffee, state-of-theart coffee machinery, our professional baristas also cater coffee at events and we have our own concept store: the Vascobelo V-bar.

We are masters in delivering the ultimate experience. We believe coffee isn’t merely a beverage. It's about exchanging thoughts with your friends, having a moment for yourself, striving to be happy. It’s an experience which goes far beyond the cup.

The Vascobelo V-bar is our concept store. A bar, a restaurant and a boutique at once. We combine our award-winning coffee, with exquisite food and a dash of fine art. Because we are more than just coffee.


Completely Retail’s Soapbox was a fantastic way to quickly and succinctly get the salient points of David Lloyd Studio’s property requirements in front of a relevant audience. Thanks to Soapbox in 2014 we generated some very useful contacts

Brendan Mitchell – David Lloyd Studio


Soapbox was a fantastic event. To be able to get up there and present the BLANC “Naturally Cleaner” project and our roll-out plans to so many different agents and landlords was incredibly beneficial. We met a lot of people who have since reached
out to help us, and everyone who spoke at the event was wonderfully passionate about their business: it was very inspirational, too. We’re grateful we were given the opportunity to explain to our future landlords how we are changing the world of  drycleaning, one shop at a time!

Ludovic & Mathilde Blanc, founders of BLANC - people & planet friendly drycleaners Brendan Mitchell – David Lloyd Studio


Pitching on the Soapbox at the Completely Retail Marketplace London this week has resulted in connections with some of the biggest landlords in Britain. We're visiting two sites within the next two weeks and are building relationships for longer term schemes

Rosie Ginday – Miss Macaroon